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  • Mese del mercato unico (23 settembre-23 ottobre 2013)

    ​L'Unione Europea organizza il Mese del mercato unico (23 settembre-23 ottobre 2013), - un mese di dibattiti on line  tra persone, imprese, organizzazioni, politici e leader dell'UE, per discutere idee volte a migliorarlo:

    • 4 settimane per discutere le aree chiave che riguardano la vita quotidiana: posti di lavoro (23-25 settembre), diritti sociali (30 settembre -2 ottobre), banche (7-9 ottobre), commercio elettronico (14-16 ottobre);
    • 4 settimane per proporre le proprie idee o per commentare, votarle e condividerle con gli altri;
    • 4 settimane per un dialogo vivace coi leader europei, i decisori politici, e gli esperti.

    L’Unione Europea invita a partecipare al dibattito presentando le proprie idee.

    Submit your ideas now!
    The Single Market Month is your opportunity to directly influence the European debate. EU policymakers want to know your ideas and hear your thoughts about topics that are relevant to the way we work, shop, do business, study... Questions to be addressed will range from ‘What more can the EU do to tackle youth unemployment?’, ‘What social benefits are available to me when I move to another Member State?’, ‘What financial assistance is available to entrepreneurs?’, ‘What information should I receive when I take out a mortgage?’ to ‘How can I return products bought online to different Member States?’.

     You can send us your ideas at http://yourideasforeurope.eu until September

    Take part in the online debates in September !
    The online debates will give you the chance to interact with other citizens, businesses and organisations in Europe. In addition, you will be able to connect with EU leaders and policy-makers (such as EU Commissioners, Members of the European Parliament, legal experts and civil servants). Other opportunities include being part of the Euronews TV closing debate programme, and the option to put forward your ideas in a live chat with EU leaders. But above all, by joining in the debate, you can shape the policy ideas that can change Europe.

    • You can take part in the online debates at http://yourideasforeurope.eu from September 23

    Please feel free to forward this information to your network of contacts.
    For any enquiries please contact: info@yourideasforeurope.eu